15 the Best Tourist Attraction in Japan

Japan is an amazing country. ArtaLife has collected the most beautiful places and attractions from The Land of the Rising Sun. Now you have 15 reasons to visit the country of the oriental exotic.

1. Rainy Day In Osaka

The weather does not matter in this city. Osaka is the 3rd population city of Japan. You will get bored in sunny or rainy day here. Historical museums, exquisite architecture, the famous samurai castle, nightlife and the street with many shops will impress any traveler.

2. Nakasendo Walk – a Way to the heart of Japan

It is the walkway which begins in Kyoto and ends in Edo. Nakasendo has been the important traffic intersection since the 17th century. But now it is the walking road with picturesque scenery. The journey takes about 10 days with 3-4 hours of walk. Tour operators offer different programs including guides, food and lodging.


3. The Pagoda Of Seigantoji And Nachi No Taki Waterfall

It is the surprising combination of ancient history and fascinating landscape. The height of the waterfall is 133 meters. The Deity lives in waters of Nachi on the ancient legend. The temple was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List in 2004. You should see this.

4. River In Kawagoe

The fortress-city Kawagoe is located approximately 40 kilometers far from Tokyo. “Kawagoe” means “the city of a river crossing” in translation. This city has a favorable location due to the river Shingashi. The best time to visit this city is the 3rd weekend of October. There is a traditional festival at this time.

5. Wisteria Tunnel At Kawachi Fuji Gardens

The delightful tunnel with flowering wisteria. The best time to visit is the end of April.

6. Autumn In Hitachi Seaside Park

The national Hitachi Seaside Park (Hitachi Seaside Park) is located in the city Hitachinaka (Ibaraki Prefecture). The park was founded on the place of the former US military base in 1991. It occupies 190 hectares at the moment. The main feature of Hitachi are the blossoming flowers all the year round.
You will find nemophilas (baby blue eyes), narcissi, more than 170 species of tulips and many other flowers here. The park includes gardens, woods, mini amusement park, Ferris wheel, walking and biking trails. This is a great place for all family. The best time to visit the park is autumn. Fluffy fields of Kochia are painted in yellow-red tone at this time. They cover the ground by bright autumn blanket.

7. 4.5 Million Baby Blue Eyes In Japan’s Hitachi Seaside Park

Flowers are blooming in this park at any time of year. But if you want to see bloom of nemophila you should come in the end April-early May. Millions baby blue eyes decorate Hitachi at this time.


8. Sagano Bamboo Forest In Arashiyama

Arashiyama is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto (the trip from the main streets of Kyoto is about 30 minutes by train). Here is an amazing bamboo forest Sagan. The trails on the bamboo groves are perfect for walking or cycling.

9. Blue Pond In Hokkaido

The Blue Pond is located on the second largest island of Japan – Hokkaido. The pond received the name due to shade of bright blue water. At the same time color is changed depending on time of day and a perspective of observation. Scientists have investigated a lot but have not found the secret of such an unusual color. The blue pond received huge popularity due to the Apple company which included the photo of a fantastic landscape in the operating system in 2012. Now millions of tourists come to look at this surprising creation of the nature.


10. Cherry Blossoms In Tokyo

Cherry blossoms is a national holiday in Japan. The country holds festivals for admiring the cherry blossoms and prunus mume. Japan turns into a white-pink cloud during the cherry blossom at the end of March.

11. Fields Of Shibazakura

The Festival Fuji Shibazakura is organized annually. Millions of tourists can enjoy an unforgettable view of bright pink, white and purple fields of moss Shibazakura and mount Fuji.

12. Fushimi Inari-taisha

The most important shrine is dedicated to Inari. He is the god of rice and patron of businesses.

13. Natadera Temple In Winter

Natadera is Buddhist temple in Komatsu which was founded by monks in 717. The temple is beautiful at all seasons of the year but it looks really fantastic in the winter.

14. Bamboo Light Festival In Taketa, Ōita

The beginning of tradition to spend the Bamboo Light Festival was in 2000. Tourists from around the world come to see 20 000 lamps which burn 3 nights. The start of the festival is third Friday of November.

15. Chureito Pagoda And Mount Fuji

It is popular place among photographers especially during the cherry blossom. The perfect combination of ancient history and beautiful nature. The magnificent view opens from the top point of the temple on the mountain Fuji.

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