Kids Christmas Socks for Gifts

This subject has different names in the different countries such as the Christmas sock, a stocking or a boot. But the sense remains the same. It is a traditional sack for Christmas gifts from Santa Claus.


The history of this interesting attribute has respect to Saint Nikolay or as it is often named Santa Claus. Saint Nikolay was known for the good deeds and especially charity. He invisibly gave gifts to the poor people having children.

The appearance of a Christmas sock has respect to Santa-Claus-Saint Nicholas. On giving Santa decreases over a flue and puts gifts in socks which weigh over a fireplace. Why sock (stocking, boot)? The legend says about three kind sisters who were poor. Saint Nikolay heard about sisters and threw them into a flue three gold coins. That gold didn’t get to the furnace, Saint got into the socks drying on a fireplace. This history acquired great popularity. That began a remarkable tradition. On the Christmas eve people to hang up bright, ridiculous and big socks over a fireplace in hope to receive a gift from Saint Nikolay.

According to tradition children’s Christmas socks hang up on the edge of a fireplace, on a bed of the child or near the Christmas tree. So  Saint Nikolay can’t skip any kid and will present Christmas gifts to them. If children were pretty good all year, they have got  a full sock of gifts on Christmas!

What Socks for Christmas can be? Many kinds! Bright and amusing, with an embroidery and knitted and applied ornament. It is possiable to buy a sock or DIY. The collection of unusual children’s socks  inspires you!











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