Native Americans From The 19th And 20th Century

The director Paul Ratner was interested in researching old photos of indigenous peoples when he worked on the movie “Moses on the Mesa”. This film is a true story of Solomon Bibo, a German Jewish immigrant who became governor of a Native American tribe in late 1880s.
“What has been most gratifying to me about researching old photos of Native Americans is when the relatives of the people featured in the photos discover them through our popular Facebook page,” noted Ratner. “Many of them have never seen these photos and are excited to find them. It is also exciting when folks correctly identify the people and the tribes pictured in the photos since the archives or vintage photo auctions often have incorrect or incomplete information. I feel like through this process we are reclaiming some lost history.”
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1. Hand painted Print Of A Young Woman By The River. Early 1900s


2.Eagle Arrow. A Siksika Man. Montana. Early 1900s


3. Bone Necklace. Oglala Lakota Chief. 1899


4. Blackfoot Tribal Camp With Grazing Horses. Montana. Early 1900s


5. Minnehaha 1904


6. Chief Little Wound And Family. Oglala Lakota. 1899


7. Arrowmaker, An Ojibwe Man. 1903


8. “Songlike”, A Pueblo Man, 1899


Handpainted Print Of A Young Woman By The River. Early 1900s.

9. Chief James A. Garfield. Jicarilla Apache. 1899


10. “Ringing Bell”. 1908. Minnesota


11.In Summer”. Kiowa. 1898


12. Charles American Horse (the Son Of Chief American Horse). Oglala Lakota. 1901


13. Blackfeet Girl. Montana. Early 1900s


14. Cheyenne Chief Wolf Robe. Color Halftone Reproduction Of A Painting From A F. A. Rinehart Photograph. 1898


15. “Painted Tipis Of The Headmen”. Blackfoot. Montana. Early 1900s


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