Traditional Wedding Dresses in Different Countries of the World

Traditionally in western cultures a bride wears a white dress, and a groom does a black tuxedo. But if you look beyond the West, you can see a huge variety of wedding dresses. In some countries brides get on a dress of red or golden color as it symbolizes good luck and hope. In others, girls decorate their hands and faces according to their traditions or, vice versa, hide their faces a veil.
How do traditional wedding dresses in different countries of the world look like? Take a look!

1. Chinese Wedding

2. Yakan Bride

3. Japanese Wedding

4. Bride In Gora Region Between Kosovo And Macedonia

5. Kazakhstan Bride

6. Nigerian Bride

7. Romanian Bride From Oas Region


9. Indonesian Wedding

10. Hutsuls Wedding In Ukrainian Carpathians

11. Indian Wedding

12. Mongolian Bride

13. Traditional Wedding In Ghana

14. Scottish Wedding

15. Traditional Wedding Costumes And Bridal Crown From Norway

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