When Mom has rich fantasy

Sleeping baby is the most precious thing for any mother. She can make household chores or have a rest at this time. But it is not for photographer-mom from Los Angeles Laura Choi. Her four monthly baby dresses up during sleep the most popular a cosplay costumes and becomes a new star.

1. The Little Mermaid

2. Dreaming Of The Korean Spa

3. Nigerian Child

4. Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones”

5. Han Solo

6. Sia

7. Finding Dory

8. Employee Of The Month

9. Orange

10. Sushi Master

11. Slash From Guns N’ Roses

12. Garth Algar From “Wayne’s World”

13. Eleven From “Stranger Things”

14. Goku From “Dragon Ball”

15. Olympic Swimmer

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