Why I love him …. 12 Reasons!

Love is in the air on the eve of Valentine’s Day! It is a wonderful feeling that makes us happy. It’s great when you have a person of whom you care and with whom it is interesting to go on life.

Why do we love them? This is for many reasons) They always listen to us, care for us, we can laugh and we are ideal for them. And we love them for what they are.

PS. Every reason for each month of the year. This is a love calendar as a gift for St. Valentine’s Day)

The reasons to love him

He is my shopping companion

He eats what I cook

My cat tolerates him

free ride at 4 am

My dad approved of him

he is so handsome

He is the best at mending things

He is the reason I shave

He motivates me to be a better person

I am now " in a relationship" on facebook

He likes my playlist

He gives the best gifts

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